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it's 11:00. do you know where your children are? >> new information tonight. after a police officer was shot with an assault rifle. a man who watched it all. >> 10 years after 9/11 a salute to fallen firefighters that comes with a lot of sweating. >> are your walls keeping a secret? clues that could show whether your home was once a meth lab. >> and new developments in the ç nfl çlock out that could ççl you furious with your favorite football starts. news at 11, starts right now. >> abc 2 news at 11. we have new developments tonight in the shooting of a police officer in baltimore city. >> you won't believe what probably saved the life of that
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wounded police officer. christian schaefer is live. chris? >> reporter: kelly, city police officers wear what is known as soft body armor, the police commissioner said he is not sure that ed armor would have stopped the round. fortunately that round didn't hit the body armor, it hit somewhere else. the officer from the southwestern district was responding to a domestic call in the 1100 block of cook's lane. he thought he heard firecrackers and realized he had been shot. >> my husband came around and said 911 and they called 911. 15. >> 15-year-old, he was on the ground by himself, no one else was talking to him. it didn't take long for anthony to see where the bullet had hit. >> he had a big old hole in the gun, he never really got shot though, just got grazed i
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guess. >> police say the bullet was fired from a high-powered assault rifle. they confirmed if the round had hit an inch or two away in any direction the officer could have been killed. >> hitting his service weapon was just, you know, an incredible coincidence that frankly probably saved his life. >> this morning police got a tip from a resident that led them back to cook's lane. after a brief chase they took this man into custody. 20-year-old shea jordan. they also found the disassembled pieces of that assault rifle. police sources tell them jordan is an army veteran with tours of duty in iraq. >> he walked up to my door, you don't feel safe any more, with somebody. but knowing he is off the street i feel a lot better. >> they have not confirmed his status as a veteran and have not said why they believe he shot at the officer.
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>> what we're sure of is he had no love lost for the baltimore police department. >> the officer was treated and released from shock trauma. shea jordan is charged with attempted murder and several weapons charges, he is being held without bond. live in downtown baltimore, christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >> police are still trying to learn more about what led to the shooting death of an 18- year-old stand out athlete. marvel had impressed coaches and scouts with his skills on the basketball court. they found him suffering from a gunshot wound in the brooklyn homes project. >> he had a bright future and he was gonna -- he wanted it. he wanted it.
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he told me numerous times "coach, i want to get out of here, i want to go to college" and we were -- that's what he was working towards and i thought we had him there. >> he was almost there. marcus was supposed to head to orlando today for a tournament with his aau team. authorities investigating marcus, it was handled just before it went off. a car crash that left one woman dead and three others injured. a chrysler 320m was traveling north when it struck a lexus head on authorities say 64-year- old marilyn decocoa was pronounced dead at the scene. there is no question about it. it's hot and it's only going to get hotter. meteorologist wyatt everhart is in the storm center tonight with a look at your first forecast. wyatt, could it really be worse tomorrow than it is today? >> you know, we add maybe 2 degrees kelly. i don't know if you really perceived that but it doesn't
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help anything. >> you're right. >> we're right back where we were today and maybe, again, a little bit hotter, especially in parts of the central part of the state. now 87 out there now. we're cooling off under the upper 80s, humidity is still unbelievably high so our heat index values are up around 100 degrees. happen 77 this rest of this overnight period steam bath city, that's the bottom line. it's going to take all night to get out of the 80s, staying very, very humid, we're going to push right back up to we think 102 tomorrow:tomorrow's record is 101 so it will probably be a record breaker. when do we get a break in this heat wave, we talk about that. >> one more day off because of the code red summer programs. those schools are going to be ! closed again tomorrow. the closure only affects schools that do not have air conditioning. we don't want to see you out
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there on the roads with your hood up and a white flag of surrender. the heat wave is blanketing our area these days and state police are going to be out there looking for stranded drivers and police say troopers are being hold to help motorists with disabled vehicles quickly as possible. they are advising drivers to take extra precautions like bringing along a little more water than they used to. well a baltimore writer has been missing for months. he has been spotted now in a prison in libya. 32-year-old matthew vandyke disappeared in march just a week after traveling to libya to write about the uprising there. his mother along with congressman dutch ruthless burger says there have been two independent sightings of him in a tripoli prison. the state department is working to confirm those reports. >> 10 years ago we were under attack. 10 years ago thousands of
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americans died. 343 of them were firefighters who ran into a burning building trying to save others, today roosevelt leftwich spent time with firefighters from all around the country who came to battle to pay tribute and remember. >> never forget the 343. never forget the 110th floors that they climbed. never forget the fallen. >> i'm from charleston, south carolina. >> okay. >> i'm glad to be out here doing this today. >> i mean, that's a lot of stairs there, but it's something you got to do. >> i got to do it. they did it for us on 9/11. >> reporter: when the fire bells rang on that day, september 11th, 2001, there was no hesitation by any of the 343 firefighters and paramedics when they went into those burning buildings and there is no hesitation now as their comrades remember and honor them. 520 stairs in the hilton, as high as the floors in the twin
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towers because no matter how difficult it is to climb each one of those stairs these firefighters from around the nation are doing it with pride. >> not yet. round 2. >> about 40 teams of anywhere from 40 to 60 teams made the trek up the hot stairway. they had to do this. like the firefighters who went into those burning buildings had to do what they did. they made all firefighters especially aware of the dangers of their job and the cost. >> how you feeling. >> pretty good. but we're like that group of 4 so we're all doing pretty well. >> you got to admire them a little bit. >> either that or a little crazy. but it's been a great event and it's an honor to be a part of this. >> who are you climbing for. >> i'm climbing for eric allen, right here, god rest hits soul. >> reporter: remember the 343.
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always. [ bell ] roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. tomorrow, governor martin o'malley is set to talk about plans to push for same-sex marriage legislation in our state. same-sex marriage legislation passed the maryland senate this year but never made it past the house of delegates, and also tomorrow another step for gay rights. an announcement is expected on the repeal of "don't ask/don't tell. leon panetta will certify that gay and less pea answer may openly serve in the armed forces, this comes about two weeks after military leaders agreed repealing the ban won't hurt military readiness. the president obama will be in college park. he'll be holding a town hall meeting, expecting a full house, tickets required and they started handing them out on campus today. we haven't been told what the topic will be yet. washington remains in that deadlock over raising the country's borrowing limit. well from a cat in a hat to
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a cat in the box. a cat sitting on his ninth life luckily got it extended by 90 minutes, this story from ellicott city tonight proves miracles do come in small packages. >> ah, look at his face. barely a year old, he hissed one time this morning, but ever since he has been a lap cat. but, yesterday.: >> he was absolutely scared to death. >> reporter: yesterday he was delivered in this blue carrier with 22 cheetos inside and dropped right here at the doorstep under that blading sun at the small miracles cat rescue. their slogan, miracles happen every day, how true is that. >> on a day like yesterday to leave a cat outside the shelter when you can see by the cure we don't open until the next morning was basically a death stents for the cat. >> reporter: you asked for small mere asks. as the cat is in the box, who
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comes up but a volunteer to drop tables off for a big bash on saturday. >> if he had sat there all night we would have had sod bad news this morning, this cat would have been dead. >> the cat is saved. they have named him cheese paw and when he gets his shots he'll be ready to be adopted next week. still there's some jealousy. another cat not getting enough face time decides to get attention by knocking over the bookcase. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year. >> there we go. i got it. >> so cheese puff is owing, our photographer is okay, as, tonight, you got to be in cat miracles. >> wow. even cats get jealous too, huh. >> phone is ringing off the hook. >> i'm sure it will be. just when you think your home will go beyond the freaks and the squeaks, we go deeper, find out if the place you're living in was a former drug
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howls. >> no more dunking, it wasn't fair treating casey anthony like this, this was bringing the wrong attention. >> no pay and no benefits for about 600 workers in one city. but they are not complaining. we'll tell you why, we're back in just 60 seconds. well the voice quietly cracked the words "wheels stop" and with that the space shuttle landed a 30-year adventure. in darkness atlantis shut down, now the spaceship will be a museum piece like mercury and gemini and apollo and the wright brothers flying machine,
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long before any of them thousands of space shuttle workers will lose their jobs. the first round will be in the morning. and we heard the last words. we have the wheels stop and the job well done america. what a day. well the dunking days are over at lexington lines bluegrass fair. nephew toured a look aligning of casey anthony. you could dunk on whether or not you thought she was guilty or innocent. they let people blow off a little steam about that verdict where she was acquitted of killing her child. they decided to shut it down because they thought it was in bad taste. they ban synthetic drugs known as bath salted, they are adding them to the schedule. one controlled dangerous substance list. this comes after the investigation into the truck and its dangers and it could go into effect as early as september 112. our the poison control center is aware of 22 cases of
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poisoning including 1 death because of bath salts, we setup a synthetic drug guide, you can find it in the investigators' section under the news tab on every home holds secrets but some things that remain in the dark about your house may put you and your family at risk. >> we're going to give you the tools to investigate your home. abc 2 news joce sterman is working for you, she explains how you can move into a former meth lab and never know it. >> reporter: with a central spot in a quiet up steal neighborhood and a $500,000 price tag, this frederick home doesn't exactly scream "drug 'house'. >> i had no idea. >> reporter: but there was plenty of trouble brewing inside this brick-fronted colonial when they busted renters for cooking meth am fit mean in 2008. sealed lips may protect neighborhood reputations but do they put some people at risk?
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>> it sticks around. >> reporter: making meth creates harmful chemicals and even when they are going the danger isn't. the chemicals can spill into the carpet, soak into the wall board and even seep up from the drain. but if a meth head gets busted or moves out no one has to say a word when you move in. >> maryland has no such thing. >> you could live in a meth house and just not know. >> you could live in one right now and just not know. >> in maryland, disclosure about a home's criminal path, even meth, is optional. but you could face problems. >> it's going to be a respiratory type thing. certainly if you have small children, kids tend to take things through that you're mouth, they are going to eat whatever is on hair hands. >> meat. >> meth. >> police take extra precautions when they are raiding a house, but what about the meth homes that go under the radar. >> i'm sure there's labs out there that we don't discover as law enforcement. >> reporter: state police say
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they have discovered at least 13 meth labs since 2 by 4 but there could be more and the stats are hard to track so it's tough for you to get the information you need. the drug enforcement administration put a meth lab database on their web site. it was put together by the department of justice so you can go state by state to see if your house or your neighbor's has been busted. >> it's just to give people an idea of the possibility that there may have been drug activity in that area. >> reporter: but even the dea admits this database is really just a best guess. because it turns out that agency and the department of justice don't actually verify whether the people listed at these addresses were ever truly busted for meth. why even publish it if you're not sure. >> it's important for people to understand and know that there's drug activity in your area, potentially. >> this neighborhood in woodstock, in baltimore county, made the dea web site. people here even remember a big bust from 2010. >> there was the dea and bomb squad and all pitching a tent
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up here and we were all trying to figure out what it was. >> reporter: in the end it was nothing, they say they investigatessed a meth lab inside this home but found no drugs. yet you'll still find this place on the list. >> they never got charged with anything. >> reporter: conflicting information potentially making it easy for a house like this one to keep secrets you think the people who live there now know about it? >> i don't think so. >> you haven't told them? >> no, i haven't brought it up. i don't see a reason to. >> reporter: one good reason? silent neighbors that make some wish these walls could talk. joce sterman, abc 2 news. now people use everything from hotel rooms, storage spaces, even cars to make meth, the clean-up process can be very expensive and there is no national or state standard. so right now in maryland anyone convicted in a meth bust is supposed to cover the clean-up bill. now we've got an interactive online tool to help you know if your home has been used as a meth lab. jamey joins us now with more on
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that. >> this is a really good thiele. we start at the front of your house. look, we click on these little red icons, dead patches in the yard from chemical waste. security cameras everywhere, what's in the window. frosted or blacked out windows. this is neat it. we'll go right inside and start right here in your kitchen, i want to go to the vents in the kitchen. it says here "altered or strange ventilation system." what's up here? we have walls and ceilings with dark red staining. all the symbols are light here, that your home was meth lab, waiting for you now on now lets find out about our weather with wyatt. wyatt? >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the weather forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> there's not much i can do about this heat at the moment, nor can any of us, but we're not alone. detroit, michigan, 100 today, st. louis 103, yes we're right there in the top ] at 100 but
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the entire eastern united states, midwest, and way up north into canada today, numbers were up close to 100. so you get the idea that we're socked in with the heat here, the central part of north america. and heat warnings up again tomorrow. and again on saturday. both days starting at 10:00 a.m. on friday at, least not coming down until 10:00 tomorrow night. when we look at some of those heat index numbers coming up you're gonna see why. by the way, code red for very poor air quality, that's a step above our code orange, unhealthy for all of us in the afternoon, not just sensitive groups out there, one of the by products of all this heat and stagnant air. you know one spot that feels like we feel. up here, the tropical rainforest on top of the national aquarium, it's feeling tropical for everyone tonight, 87 degrees. wind southwest at 6, man, there's tropical birds out there, like what's the big deal, why is everyone freaked out. across charm city today you could see hazy hot sunshine to finish up the day and ocean
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city, that was the place to be today. temperatures were in the mid-to upper 80, heat index closer to 120, the beach was looking good out there today. locally high temperatures pressed into the mid-90s around the chesapeake. then as you get out to the eastern shore, 95 centreville, centreville, clarksville, all above 100 locally. this is the heat index value as we speak. right now. at past the 11 oh clock hour it steel feels like 100 in baltimore because did humidity is through the roof. dewpoint numbers around 80, that's like something you see in deep south texas on the houston/galveston area this time of year. we have extreme humidity right now that really isn't helping. radar is crystal clear, that's good. heat dome slowly moving in, not so good. going to take two days before we get this out of here and to the east. speaking of east, tropical storm brett stating out there not doing anything.
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i would love to see it come in and break the heat. not gonna happen. 77 steam bath city tonight, tomorrow your 2-degree guarantee 102. that will be an all-time record. heat index up to 115, that heat warning all day. tomorrow night 79, that's going to be even steamier, your seven- day forecast again trending, really, no different here. on saturday, sunday looks like we may get a few storms, that could help break up the heat a little bit, 95. next week i like to say hot but less scorching. late july/early august, typically our hottest part of the year, so by mid-august we should be cool and back off. how about that. >> thanks wyatt. so are you guys going to have a good day tomorrow? >> sure. >> you never know. but saying yes tonight and being determined to have a positive outlook could help with your health. a new study shows you're less likely to have a stroke. in fact, doctors say optimism could also help with a wide range of health benefits so the
11:22 pm
next time you're uncertain about where your life is headed think positively. don't set yourself up to fail. >> all right. the nfl lock out will be over tonight. the nfl -- i'm positive, what happened? what happened? >> volts are in. well at least the owners have spoken. but how come we're no closer to the end of the nfl lock out tonight? >> the answer might have you angry at some of your favorite football stars. but, first, here is a look at what's coming up tonight on "nightline." jamey kelly coming up on "nightline," ands exclusive, one of charlie sheen ex- goddesses talks about what really went on inside that manages. how close is too chose to a great white shark. we'll take you on a swim to find out. that's coming up on "nightline" right after abc 2 news at 11:00. ♪ [ rock ]
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abc 2 news is brought to you by thompson hyundai. you're gonna love this story. the lawn moors have been laid off in boise, idaho, they are being replaced by 600 goats, their job is to weed and brush control. lydia lundqvist and her husband own the company called "we rent goats" so they went looking for a herd of employees, no benefits, no paycheck, they hired this company to clear out a mountainside. the city said it spends more on weed sprays than it does on one single goat. the going rate for 600 bead- eating goats about 2100 goats. >> that's great. goats no, football for you. the nfl owners said yes to a 10- year labor deal but the players didn't vote tonight so in order for the season to start on time with training camp the players need to vote by tuesday.
11:27 pm
ravens owner steve bisciotti voted yes. the hall of fame preseason game has already been canceled but they could vote again tomorrow. we'll see. >> maybe they are doing like the lawmakers and just trying to stretch it out. >> which deal gets it first. >> the suspense, man. the way you got to look at it. we're down in the 80s finally, new numbers here, upper 80s, come on now, put a light sweater on, but things will definite he heat up again tomorrow, maybe 2 degrees, 3 degrees hotter than today even. so, you know, i think things peak tomorrow but they don't drop for a while either. but tomorrow, probably the hottest day of the bunch. >> thanks wyatt. >> sure. j
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all right. the president will be at college park tomorrow. >> yeah. >> and the dew tour down in ocean city. big crowd down there today. >> historic. skateboarders, surfers, any excuse to get down by the ocean. >> listen, tomorrow, hottest day ever. >> and for a while. >> and a solution for the nfl lock out. >> all right. >> think positive don't you think positive. >> i'm goin' right now. >> yeah.
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